COVID-19 Delays in shipping some products

UPDATE: 01/04; We have arranged alternative shipping methods which has allowed us to reopen the store. Shipping times are currently estimated at 5 days for most items however some products may be delayed up to 3 weeks. Please take note of the shipping times which are displayed and are true at time of checkout.

UPDATE: 25/03; We have taken the decision to suspend all sales Europe wide while the COVID-19 lock down is enforced in the UK. We do not encourage people to leave their homes if they do not have to and we do not want to be a burden on postal and delivery workers who are tasked with delivering essential supplies during this crisis. We will update our newsletter subscribers as soon as this changes. Please stay safe, stay home - The Scorching North Management.

22/03/; Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe some products are experiencing shipping delays as logistics companies rightly prioritise essential medical and food supplies to help control the pandemic.

During this time Scorching North will be updating the shipping times dynamically to give you the latest shipping estimates for each product at checkout. We apologise if you find the delay unacceptable and ask for your understanding.