Scorching North started with one simple idea in mind; to make high tech riding wear that stood out at the yard. We got tired of the endless ranges of white and beige breeches, the heavy cotton that didn't wash clean, the breeches that took an age to dry. Sometimes it felt like riding wear was stuck in the past while every other sport was constantly updating its technology to improve performance and make life easier.  At Scorching North we think riders deserve this too and so we partnered with some of the largest sportswear manufacturers on the planet to design bold, technical and functional clothing that we are sure you will love. 
All Scorching North products stick to the same three principles that we founded the company on:
  1. Our products are practical and functional.
  2. Riding is expensive enough without paying the earth for clothing.
  3. Stand out at the yard; no more beige breeches.

Becky, Ben and Charlotte. The Scorching North founders.