THERMO sizing changes for 2021 - Q&A

You asked, we listened. The THERMO range has been totally overhauled for 2021 with now more generous sizing across the entire range. We have also expanded the size range to a full UK18. 

What has changed?

 All the patterns of our THERMO product have been increased by almost a full UK size. This means that the sizes align better with UK numerical measurements and people can be more confident when ordering their size. No more ordering a size up.

Size comparison

How do the new products compare with the 2020 range?

The new 2021 range is almost a full size different, this means that if you bought a Medium (UK10) and it fit well in 2020 then you should still buy a UK10 this year but it will be labelled Small (you're welcome). 

Why did you do this? It's confusing.

Unfortunately no matter how much information we provided we still found a lot of customers just bought the size they most identified with Small, Medium etc. and this meant they often got products that were too tight. Some customers also didn't like having to choose a size bigger than they were used to ordering from other stores (fair enough). In the end we decided that a large scale overhaul would be best knowing that it would take a while for the change to flow through.

Why didn't you get the size right the first time?

Oh, we wish it was that simple. The truth is that in the UK sizes vary considerably depending on where you tend to shop. People who shop in casual fashion stores like GAP, M&S will find themselves a full dress size smaller than if they normally shopped in less generous sized stores like Zara or H&M. What this means for the little guys just starting out like us is that we have to choose where on this scale we should sit by guessing who our customers might be. We got this very wrong for the THERMO range...sigh.

I ordered a new UK 12 but it is labelled Medium - did I get the right product?

Yes, you did. Standard sizing dictates we should use the alphabetic system (S,M,L) for athletic wear on the garment label in the UK but we know that our customers are more aware of the numeric system. To help our customers navigate the new changes we have decided to sell the products with the numeric system on our website.