About Us

We had been talking about starting Scorching North for years, we didn’t know it was going to be called Scorching North back then, but the essence of what we were going to do was all there. Riding has always been a huge part of my life, I have owned, borrowed, competed and hacked horses since I was a little girl. I always imagined that I would work with horses one day (I once dreamed of being a vet) but like many of us, life just happened, and by the early 2010’s my work had nothing to do with my passion. In 2015, I had left work on maternity leave and while I was learning to be a mum, I started thinking seriously about what I wanted to do longer term. I had always thought that most of the riding wear available was too conservative and often very bad value for money. I would chat about this with my husband and his background in product design and development gave me insights into how I could do things better. I realised that we would make a great team if we could both give up our careers and work on the business…that was a scary thought.

By 2017 I had a business plan and a small start-up investment lined up. I knew I was going to manufacture riding tights first and had three principles I was going to live by no matter what:

1. Our products should be practical and functional.
2. Stand out at the yard, no more beige, no more boring.
3. Riding is an expensive hobby, be affordable, be durable, be high quality.

That Christmas we walked along a very windy Northumberland beach and made the decision “let’s do it”, and Scorching North was born, we had designed our first products by the following June and started selling that October.
Since then we have been on a fantastic journey, our customers are wonderful and encourage us every day. We are expanding our product range as fast as we can and every new design gets tested by a group of dedicated Scorching North product testers who are real customers and real riders, they pull no punches with their feedback which is great because we are serious about our principles.

To everyone of our customers who is on this journey with us, thank you. And for those of you who feel the need to shake up their yard a bit, welcome.

By the way, we took a photo of that day on the beach in Northumberland, Scorching North felt like the perfect name
Becky (Ben and Charlotte)


Scorching North founded 2018