Product Testing FAQ's, Terms and Conditions.


What is product testing at Scorching North?

We occasionally make a new style of product that we want lots more people to test than our usual quality control team. This information helps us with pricing, sizing and product description. We offer limited runs of these products to our subscribers at less than cost on the condition that they give us some feedback before we begin large scale manufacturing.

Does this mean that the product has not passed quality control testing?
No. All our test products have passed quality control testing and will arrive to you exactly as they would straight from our shop. Your rights as a consumer do not change, the quality is guaranteed and refunds are available to anyone receiving a defective product.

Who can product test for Scorching North?

The offer to product test is open to all UK residents but subscribers to the Scorching North newsletter will be given priority notification. Subscribers may share the offer with their friends or family.

Can I return or exchange the test product?

    Yes, our standard returns policy applies to the test products. If you don’t like them and haven’t worn them then free returns are available.  For exchanges, we will endeavour to fulfil your request however the limited production quantity means often we have to refund.

    What if I decide I don’t like the product after wearing it?

      If you have worn the product then we are sorry but we cannot accept a return/exchange. We hope that the very large discount that is offered to our product testers means that you still find value for money in the offer. This does not apply to faulty products.

      Can I sell the product after testing?

      No, please do not do this. Our testing program is voluntary, gives you a great discount and helps us make a better product. Because of this we ask that you do not sell the product on after receiving it. 

      Does registering for testing oblige me to buy the product when it becomes available?

        No, registering just means we will send you the offer. If you don’t want to participate then you don’t have to accept the offer.

        How does the RRP pricing work?

        The item we are offering to be tested may have the recommended retail price (RRP) defined. For new products this is the non-sale price that we intend to market the product at if the item passes the testing phase. Setting a defined RRP is important for our testers to gauge the value of the product offering however it does not guarantee that every product we test will launch, that would defeat the purpose of product testing. For any testing of post-launch products the comparative RRP is the normal non-sale price at time of testing.

        How do I pay/accept the offer?

          On the offer email there will be a link to a secure checkout on our website and occasionally a product tester discount code for you to enter. After selecting your size you can enter the product tester discount code (if needed) to see the final charge. You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal safe in the knowledge that your details are encrypted.

          When will my test product arrive?

            Offer payments are processed daily and products will ship within 2-3 days by Royal Mail. Depending on your location you should have your product within 3-6 days.

            How do I provide feedback?

              Approximately 1-2 weeks after you have received the product we will email you an online survey to fill in.  This survey is quite small and will take about 10 minutes to complete.

              Can you guarantee that I will get a product to test if I register?

                No. We run a first come first served model for product testing and once all products in your size have been offered we do not have any more to test. To improve your chances of getting a product we suggest registering early and taking up the offer as soon as it is sent to you.

                What are my rights as a product tester?

                Your consumer rights do not change. You are entering into a goodwill agreement with Scorching North to provide us some feedback on one of our products for a substantially discounted price. The terms and conditions of the sale can be found here.